All fasteners are almost the same. The difference is going to be realized in the experience our customers see in the way we handle their calls, the inventory levels we carry, the packaging and presentation of materials that accompany our products, and of course the value we add to everything we do. We strive to make Yankee a great place to work and have made major investments in inventory, equipment, and facilities that support our quality team of associates at Yankee.
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Business Philosophy
The objective of our business is to provide world class quality in both products and services we perform for our customers. Our growth is governed by our ability to maintain a level of service that meets our customers expectations.

Yankee Industrial Supply is a company with over 30 years experience in the fastener business. In 1995 Leonard and Lempi Petit moved Yankee into a 4,500 square foot leased facility and shared the space with about 2,000 square feet of machine shop. In 1998 Yankee was sold to Nathaniel "Bud" Durgin and quickly focused on the distribution of fasteners. We purchased a state-of-the-art computer system that specialized in the distribution and process of fastener distribution. This system has enabled Yankee to provide a great number of services to our customers such as customer part number identification, customized labels, managed processes such as plating, patching, and specials. It also provided tools to create, track, and organized special value added services such as "kitting" for customers. Today Yankee is located in a company owned facility with over 18,000 square feet and has plans to expand our products and services even further in the near future.

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